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Providing Excellence in Anesthesia Services throughout Florida

Feinerman Anesthesia provides office-based surgical practices with clinical expertise, quality, safety and board certified Anesthesiologists.


Founded in 2003 by Dr. Steven Feinerman, Feinerman Anesthesia PA (FAPA) is dedicated to providing quality care to the people of Florida. Our board-certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses support a wide range of surgical specialties, including obstetrics and gynecology, urology, endoscopy, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and pediatric and adult dentistry. Our physicians are trained in local anesthetics, sedation and general anesthesia in outpatient settings.  Our experienced staff and dedicated teams blend seamlessly with existing practices, achieving maximum efficiency and patient satisfaction.  FAPA works with a team of 30+ seasoned anesthesia professionals with proven backgrounds in anesthesia management.

We are committed to providing each patient with an individualized anesthetic care plan. This individualized attention helps us minimize complications and side effects of our anesthetic medications. We are dedicated to increased safety and comfort while also providing compassionate care for every patient experience. Our priority is to provide high quality anesthesia care, keeping you safe and comfortable during your operation.  

We continually monitor patients throughout the procedure, support their breathing, and correct physiologic changes in the patient's heart rate and blood pressure. We administer a variety of fluids and indicated medications. We frequently adjust anesthetic depth based upon the patient's response.  You will be in our care throughout the perioperative period.   This includes your care in the recovery room, where we will provide medications to control pain and nausea.  

Given our team’s expansive and diverse knowledge base, we are prepared to offer the highest level of experience, care and efficiency to surgeons and patients.


Reduce Risk

and Eliminate Inefficiency

As part of the perioperative anesthesia management services we provide, our technicians will assess your facility’s equipment and medication needs and provide you with the systems and supplies required to safely optimize your patient flow.

Committed to Clinical Quality

Our Clinical Quality Excellence Program ensures that your patients receive the highest quality anesthesia care, delivered in full compliance with accreditation standards.

Enhanced Revenue

In network with multiple payers and using a powerful revenue management system, FAPA will ensure that all billable anesthesia revenue is captured by your practice.



We are always looking for team members who share our commitment to providing the highest level of patient care. For more information and to apply, please contact us.

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